We Love Hearing from Our Customers

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We Love Hearing from Our Customers

Nothing makes us happier here at Panola Pepper Corporation, than hearing from you…our favorite people, the customers! Here’s one email we’d like to share with you.

love your products, and bring some of your sauces to cajun restaurants in the San Antonio area.  You guys have great product.  Thanks, used to live in New Orleans, but also in  Ohio, Texas, North Dakota, London, England, so I have been around and know good product when I taste it, also love to cook and  boil my own crawfish at home.  Thanks, and keep it up.  Great Job! MBK

Thanks, MBK! We love that you love our products!


  1. Do you have an outlet in Houston yet? I can’t find your products anywhere here!

    • Unfortunately we do not. We are currently working with buyers to distribute our products into the Houston area, but for the time being please feel free to order direct online.

      The Panola Pepper Corp© Team

  2. Four to five years ago I found Vampfire in a local discount store, Big Lots. I bought a bottle and the next day returned and purchased all that they had in stock. I returned with 30 – 40 bottles. My 13 yo. son has literally grown up with your hot sauce as a staple. He understands that there are bottles of sauce that we have that he really doesn’t want to try but these are his “go to” condiment as well as one of my own. I have probably 15 – 20 bottles of different sauces on hand at any given time.
    Tonight we opened our last bottle of Vampfire. We were eating home made red beans and rice and out of every sauce that I’ve got this demanded Vampfire. The flavor and heat is so perfect for some foods and this was one.
    I’ve never found Panola products in our local stores so I guess that I’ll have to place an order soon.

    Thanks for producing a sauce that is just as concerned with taste as well as heat. I have sauces from around the world and yours has been a staple in my house from my first taste.
    Unfortunately I haven’t been able to sample your other products but if they measure up to what I have tried then I would love to know where to purchase them locally. (Alabaster, AL, 35007),

    You are the reason for a budding sauce lover. My son is 13 and has loved your Vampfire for years.

    Thanks again for a great product and keep on producing.

    Joe Coleman

  3. Love your spicy sweet jalapeño peppers. I ran out and I’m looking foe them again! Do you sell them around Kansas city, either Missouri or Kansas? I can’t remember where I got them before. thanks!

    • I too am looking for them in the Kansas city area, Let me know if you found it being sold anywhere!!! I read an article saying that it is sold in the KC area just cannot find it. Thank you.

      • Thank you Jason. I am researching our stores and someone from the office will be emailing you.

  4. I love the panola spicy sweet jalapeño peppers. I buy them in small jars but want larger jars. Can I buy them from you directly or anywhere in larger jars than 8oz in the Atlanta, Ga area?

  5. I picked up four bags of Popcorn Rice last time I was in New Orleans for a friend. I usually bring it to my friend in Colorado who then mails some of it to her friend in New York. When I saw you had a website, I thought, I can keep that 8 lbs of rice for me and order her some on-line and have you ship it. Alas, I do not see Popcorn rice on the site. Can I order my friends favorite rice on-line somewhere and have it shipped?

  6. Just used your nice Panola Cajun Hot Sauce on my soft shellcrab whick we had as a starter today! Yummy! Gotta try your other stuff! Not to hot this “potion” flask and i like that!

    Best regards

    Matias Zakrisson, Sweden

    Link to my blogg ;-D


    • Matias,

      We’re glad you like our Panola Cajun Hot Sauce! We would definitely love your permission to put your recipe in our Recipe Section.

      • Its okey for me as long as you give cred to the magazine Gourmet nummer 3 2012 recept av Tove Nilsson.

  7. Thank you for making the BEST hot sauces ever. Do you sell them in the Austin, Tx. area? If so( and please say you do) where? I owned a gourmet shop in the Chicago suburbs and your sauces (and popcorn rice) were staples in so many of my dishes. Your Panola red makes the most delicious Remoulade sauce we served with our crab cakes (which also had Panola in them). We tried making them with other products and had a revolution on our hands from our customers. I am most anxious to try the sweet jalapeno relish.

    • Aww, Chicago Gal – you’re making us blush! We are so glad you like our hot sauces! While we don’t have a specific outlet store in Austin, you can purchase any of our products online. If you’d like to send us some of your recipes, we would be honored to feature them on our Recipe section! Thank you for being a loyal Panola Pepper customer!

  8. I discovered Panola hot sauces at a Truck Stop/BBQ joint on the way to Florida one year. We stopped at that place every year after that on our vacation trips until they closed. One day, I found a few Panola hot sauce varieties at our local grocery store. My whole family loves them. One year, my parents toured the factory and then brought home a bunch of new flavors we’d never had before. Panola has been a yearly Christmas gift for my dad, husband and son for several years. One of my teen-aged son’s friends had some of the sauces at our house this year and wanted to know where to get them. When I told them I ordered them online, he asked for them for Christmas, too! This is a hot sauce-lovin’ family and we keep a steady supply of hot sauces, steak sauce, and mustards at all times. Everyone in my family, and now several of our friends, have Panola favorites that we keep at all times. And, as a bonus, the folks at Panola Pepper are the best! Customer service is excellent. I wish every company took such pride in the quality of their product and cared as much for their customers as Panola! This world would be a much better place! Keep up the awesome work, guys!

    • Thank you Shelia for such kind words! It means so very much to our family to know that we have made such an awesome tradition throughout your family. Let us know how we can help in the future. We are constantly trying new combinations for new hot sauce and pepper blends. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updated, and discounts available.

      Panola’s Family

  9. My order made a great gift for my father who is out of state and loves your products. Ordering was easy and shipping was fast. Thank you for a great product and pleasant experience!!

  10. I got introduced to Panola Gourmet sauce back the late 80’s by a vendor at a gun show in Wichita Falls, TX. He just pulled me over and said, “You gotta try this stuff!” I’ve been hooked ever since.
    I like spicy. I also like to taste my dish instead of just getting my lips burned off. Gourmet does it! Hands down, this is the best sauce I’ve ever tasted. My mouth is watering now, just writing about it. I’ve got my family hooked on it now too. I’m sorry I can’t find in retail any more, but I can at least order it online.
    You like flavor? YOU GOTTA TRY THIS STUFF! It’s as good as it gets!!

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