Even Dogs Love Panola!

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Even Dogs Love Panola!

Charlotte in Akron, Ohio wrote to tell us about her puppy that must be part Cajun!

My¬†puppy(Shepherd/Collie/Heinz 57) who has never been deterred by pepper sauce in her 6 months. Stole from the table a 4oz bottle of Panola Chipolte sauce; and she downed even hotter before. She must be part cajun or something. Never known a dog so enamored by hot sauce. We tried using it as a determent and she would just lick the stuff off the furniture or whatever. I just can’t explain it. Here’s a picture of this despicable act!

Well, Charlotte… we’re glad that little rascal likes our Panola Chipotle sauce!


  1. Thanks for sharing this with us, Charlotte! Cute puppy!

  2. Two years ago, I was driving past your farm and stopped at your store. I bought a variety of sauces and loved the flavor. Most hot sauces deliver heat, but not much flavor. Your sauces are different, real flavor and the right amount of heat. Plus, your on line ordering is fast. Got my order in two days!
    Have you thought about making a ketchup? If you do, I want some!

    • Thank you Bruce for being such a pleased customer. We do offer a Spicy Ketchup but at the moment we only offer it in a 1.7 oz. I hope you try it and enjoy! Click Below to find it:

      1.7 oz Panola Fuego Spicy Ketchup

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