Panola Pepper Corporation Hot Sauces!

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Panola Pepper Corporation Hot Sauces!

Our hot sauces are a labor of love. Here on our family farm in Lake Providence, Louisiana, we begin each batch of our renowned hot sauce by picking carefully selected jalapeno, cayenne, habanero, and tabasco peppers. From the field to the kitchen, the sun-ripened peppers are then carefully cleaned and prepared for use in our time-honored recipes. We blend the mashed, whole or diced peppers and their natural juices with the finest quality ingredients—adding just the right amount of seasonings—to create the freshest, most flavorful hot sauces and hot-sauce products on the market today.

Whether you splash Panola hot sauce on your morning omelet, slather it on barbecued ribs or pour it by the cupful into a simmering pot of Cajun jambalaya, we think you’ll agree: Panola Pepper hot sauces pack a punch! Perfect for adding a subtle tang to cooked vegetables or salad dressings as well as for enhancing the bold, fiery flavor of grilled meats and fried seafood, the culinary possibilities with Panola Pepper Hot Sauces are as endless as your imagination. And with our wide array of products, there’s a hot sauce for all of your cooking and entertaining needs.


  1. My favorite hot pepper sauce is the original Trappey’s pepper sauce made with red tabasco peppers. I believe your company purchased Trappey’s and the sauce formulas.
    Please help me locate the sauce you make that is the same ingredients as the above mentioned.
    I live in the San Diego, CA area, zip code 92026
    Thank you very much

    • Thank you Carol for the feedback. After speaking with the VP of the company, we know that their original sauce was made with tabasco peppers but now has more cayenne. Recommend the Panola Red Pepper Sauce-5 oz or the Panola Cajun Hot Sauce-6oz., we feel confident that you will be pleased with the hot sauce profiles. Thank you again for your comment.

      Panola Team

  2. What grocers can I find your rice products? I did find them at Walmart at one time, but they no longer
    have them. My husband and I find your rice to be better than any we have used.

    Darlene Harrison

    • Darlene, I’m sending your information to our Distribution Supervisor to find out more information about where you are located in the USA, etc. Thank you for inquiry and we always offer the rice with our Panola online store. Click Here.

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