Panola Private Labeling

Panola Private LabelingPanola Pepper is your supplier for premium private labeling and co-packing. We have been manufacturing, co-packing, and offering private label services for well over 25 years. Our experience helps companies expand their brand and develop new lines.

Imagine your label on one of our high quality products like hot sauces, condiments, and more! Our Private Labeling Services will put your custom private label on one of our high quality products.

Our extensive expertise in co-packing can help you formulate, bottle and label recipes to your specifications. Panola also excels in custom, proprietary blends made exclusively for you.

Many of Panola Pepper’s products are all natural and low in fat. Some have low sugar content as well as low caloric values. We also have products that have a low sodium content as well as low carbohydrate content.

Our Panola Private Label (Existing Panola Product with your label) requires a minimum of 100 cases. Our co-packing operation (Your recipe produced at our facility) requires a minimum of 200 gallons of product.

Pricing is based on quantity, package size, and cost of ingredients. We urge you to contact Mike (mike at at (318)559-1774 or (800)256-3013 to get started. Final pricing is fully disclosed prior to production. From large companies expanding an existing line to startup companies looking to break into the retail market, Panola Pepper Corporation is your best source for success – contact us today!


We provide the following services to assist you:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Concept Development | Custom Design Creation
  • Product Innovation Flavor Profile & Formulation
  • Full service creative marketing team to help with labeling and branding
  • Theme Solutions Merchandising Solutions
  • We offer a vast variety of labeling  and packaging options
  • Package Size Flexibility
  • Sample production short runs
  • We can assist you in working with reputable Nutritional Analysis companies
  • We have access to Distribution and Transportion services

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