BBQ, Marinades & More!

Add some zing to your routine with our complete line of Panola Condiments, Marinades and More!

Panola Barbecue Sauces are another tasty alternative for fries, grilled chicken and meats, and crowd-pleasing side dishes like barbecue baked beans. But maybe you’re not looking for complexity of flavors.

If you’re searching a high-quality prepared sauce that’s versatile enough to have many uses, then our brand-new All-Purpose Panola Marinade was made just for you! This rich, Worcestershire-based marinade is great for any of your favorite beef, pork, seafood, or venison dishes.

Panola Steak Sauce adds a distinctive flavor and silky finish to all of your favorite cuts of meat, including steaks and burgers.  Panola Worcestershire Sauce is a piquant blend of vinegar, molasses, herbs and spices are aged to perfection. Use Panola Worcestershire Sauce to marinate meats, spice up gravies and stews, and to give almost any dish that deliciously elusive “something extra.”