Readi Mixes

Panola Readi Mixes provide Quick Meal Solutions. So if you’re craving some down-home, Louisiana cooking but don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen, you’re in luck! We at Panola Pepper have made it easy for you to prepare authentic Cajun and Creole dishes that are hearty and satisfying.

Meals prepared using our convenient Readi Mixes will please even the pickiest palates. Try our bestselling Louisiana Cajun Kit, which includes our authentic, Louisiana Creole Gumbo, New Orleans Style Red Beans and Rice, and Louisiana Rice Jambalaya. Each of the three packages comes with everything you need, including premium-quality rice, the finest quality dried red beans, and Panola’s exceptional blend of Cajun seasonings and spices. Each of these delicious Readi Mixes is available individually, as well.

Our Creole Gumbo Readi Mix cuts hours off your cooking time in preparing this beloved Louisiana dish. Another Louisiana classic is New Orleans Red Beans & Rice. Panola’s New Orleans Red Beans & Rice Readi Mix includes separate packets containing Panola’s special blend of Cajun seasonings; another for the finest quality rice; and a third package full of dried red beans. Of course, everyone loves Jambalaya, a savory, one-pot Cajun meal. Panola’s Jambalaya Quick Meal Solution couldn’t be easier to prepare.

Try one of our premium, Panola Pepper Readi Mixes tonight! Save money by choosing the Louisiana Cajun Kit that includes all three of these delicious Quick Meal Solutions!