Here in Louisiana, we at Panola Pepper take great pride in our pepper products, sauces and condiments. We also offer a complete line of delectable rice varieties that are often the perfect accompaniment for Cajun seafood favorites, stir fry dishes and much, much more.

Our easy-to-prepare Panola All Natural Basmati Rice, in Brown and White, are wholesome staples that complete many of your favorite Louisiana dishes, including New Orleans classics like spicy red beans and rice, thick Cajun seafood gumbo and rich crawfish jambalaya. But it’s more than just an ingredient in these beloved regional dishes.

Enjoy our heart-healthy, whole-grain rice for its wonderful, full-flavor and delicate “popcorn” aroma. The delicious, even-textured rice combines both the appeal of Louisiana long-grain rice with the flavor and aroma and of Asian basmati rice, a centuries-old favorite in the Far East.