In Louisiana we like our food well seasoned, which is why Panola Pepper has created an array of savory spice mixes to enhance all of your favorite Cajun dishes.

Nothing says ‘Cajun’ quite like succulent, pan-seared, blackened catfish. This definitive dish is effortless to prepare. Simply dredge fish filets in flour and our Blackened Fish Seasoning before sautéing in a skillet with melted butter. Cook until the fish turns golden brown for a rich, buttery and perfectly seasoned entrée for any Cajun meal. For a more calorie-conscious alternative to frying, Panola Blackened Fish Seasoning also tastes great sprinkled on raw fish before it’s baked, broiled or grilled. This lighter version has less fat but packs all the ragin’ Cajun flavor you crave in Blackened Fish dishes!

Another beloved Louisiana food tradition is the fish fry. And fish fry suppers call for Panola Cajun Style Fish Fry Breading Mix. Coat strips of fish in this peppery seasoning mix before plunging into bubbling, hot oil. The result is fried fish that is juicy, tender and full of unmistakable Cajun taste. Try tossing plump, raw shrimp into Panola Cajun Style Fish Fry Breading before deep-frying in hot oil. It is scrumptious.

Crawfish, corn cobs, peppers and potatoes form the basis of another Cajun classic. Bring a large stock pot of water to a boil before adding Panola Liquid Seafood Seasoning and all the other ingredients. Boil until potatoes are soft for a festival of authentic flavors. Our Panola Liquid Seafood Seasoning is a Louisiana bayou good time in a bottle! Panola’s very own mixture of seasonings and flavors make this seafood boil mixture one of the best on the market. Best of all, the seasonings are encased in mesh bags, so they cook evenly as your seafood boil simmers.

Panola’s wide variety of other seasoning products gives you versatility and convenience in the kitchen. Our tangy Lemon Pepper Seasoning adds a pleasant, citrus bite and a peppery zing to chicken and fish. Sprinkle it on your entrée before broiling, grilling or frying for a bright, refreshing Cajun flavor. Add Lemon Pepper Seasoning to creamy salad dressings and cooked rice dishes, too, for added taste. Panola’s Lemon Pepper Seasoning, with its bold blend of zesty dried lemon peel, black pepper, and other spices, adds pep to even the plainest dishes. Try it for yourself and taste the difference a little Panola Lemon Pepper Seasoning makes!

And, finally, don’t forget to try Panola Worcestershire Seasoning. The enticing Worcestershire flavor is blended with black pepper and other spices and seasonings to make everyday meals extraordinary. Our Worcestershire Seasoning boasts an irresistible taste. Liberally sprinkle Worcestershire Seasoning into stews and soups to enrich their flavor and depth with a vinegary tang and a vibrant Worcestershire kick. Panola Worcestershire Seasoning also adds a bold layer of flavor and terrific finishing touch to juicy steaks, burgers, meatloaf and more.

Try Panola Pepper’s full line of meat, poultry, fish and seafood seasonings today, and add a taste of Cajun excitement to your next meal!